About FarmaSIS

FarmaSIS is an all-Black, all-female, all-organic farming team founded in 2016 by Bonita Clemons. The core tenets are nourishing solidarity among Black women, cultivating health and wellness, and promoting economic development. Bonita, who holds a master’s degree in public health and is also studied in business, economics, and nutrition, realized that Black Americans were moving farther and farther away from their agrarian roots and very few women and young people were realizing and gravitating toward the benefits of farming. She felt compelled to figure out a way to change this pattern and thus, FarmaSIS was born.

FarmaSIS Vision

Ms. Clemons’ vision for FarmaSIS is to create a community built on the idea of each sister who graduates to go teach ten other sisters, who then go and teach another ten, and the system would continuously replicate itself until the idea of self-sufficient farming once again becomes ubiquitous within the Black community.

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